Have questions about this unique and exclusive event? Take a look below for information about any and all Statue of Liberty 5K related items.

How much does it cost to participate in the Statue of Liberty 5K?

A $100 donation is required to participate in the event. However, upon registering you must only pay $25. This allows you to get donations from friends and family to help your fundraising efforts. The $25 registration fee counts towards your $100 minimum goal.

What do I receive for the $100 raised?

  • Exclusive access to Liberty Island on July 4th
  • Ability to run/walk the Statue of Liberty 5K while the Island is NOT open to the public
  • Exclusive Statue of Liberty 5K running bib
  • Exclusive Statue of Liberty 5K event t-shirt
  • Exclusive Statue of Liberty 5K finisher medal
  • Ferry transportation to Liberty Island and back to Liberty State Park

Is there a limit on the number of participants for the Statue of Liberty 5K?

The first 500 registrants to pay in full will be permitted to participate in the exclusive Statue of Liberty 5K.

Are there awards for the top finishers of the Statue of Liberty 5K?

Since the Statue of Liberty 5K is not a timed event, there will not be top finisher awards. However, every participant will receive a finisher medal.

Can my family/friends join me on the ferry to watch me participate?

In order to maintain the integrity and exclusiveness of the event, only participants paying the $100 or more will be allowed on the ferry and on Liberty Island while it is closed to the public. Family/friends are encouraged to board the first public ferry leaving Liberty State Park. This ferry will arrive at Liberty Island around 8:40 a.m., which will be the time the Statue of Liberty 5K will conclude.

Do I have to leave Liberty Island as soon as the Statue of Liberty 5K is finished?

No. Liberty Island will be open to the public immediately after the event, so you may stay on the island as long as you like. You may board any ferry going back to Liberty State Park following the event.

Do I have access to any part of the Statue during my visit to Liberty Island?

Access to the Statue is not included with your registration fee. However, tickets to the Pedestal and Crown can be purchased in advance on the Statue Cruises website. Keep in mind, July 4th is the busiest day of the year on Liberty Island, so if you want to reserve access to the Pedestal or Crown, do so immediately!

Can I bring a bag with me on the ferry and onto Liberty Island?

Yes, small bags that meet the criteria of the National Park Service guidelines are permitted. A bag check, located at Liberty State Park, will be provided for the duration of the event. Get more information on guidelines at the National Park Service website.

Will the Statue of Liberty 5K still take place if it rains?

Yes, the event is a rain or shine event.

If I register to participate and can’t make it, can I receive a refund?

Refunds will not be given. Your registration fee and any additional funds will be treated as a donation to Special Olympics New Jersey. Upon registering you will receive a receipt. Your donation is tax deductible.

Can I bring a stroller?

Yes, strollers are permitted.

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